Don’t Copy Me: The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey Review

Orphan Black meets Frankenstein in The Echo Wife, an incredible new sci-fi thriller from author Sarah Gailey. Evelyn, an award-winning scientist developing advanced cloning techniques is horrified to discover her estranged husband has not only stolen her proprietary research but used it to create a “more perfect” version of her: a clone named Martine.

It’s very much the vibe of that one Spider-Man meme:

Her horror only increases when this declawed, clone version of herself calls in desperate need of Evelyn’s help. Everything she loathes most about Martine is everything her ex-husband wanted to change about her. It’s all of his complaints and dislikes made manifest. But as the two team up to maintain a series of potentially life- and career-destroying secrets, Evelyn is forced to confront both the flaws and humanity of someone who, in any other circumstance, she would have considered nothing more than a disposable specimen.

“You’re not even a real person. You’re just a science experiment. You’re just a declawed version of me.”

The Echo Wife, Sarah Gailey

Thematically, this book deals really heavily with what makes a person a person (see: Evelyn viewing her clone as nothing more than a science experiment because to do otherwise would mean confronting the fact that she terminates any “failed” specimen in her lab). It’s also about the horror of trying to control the people around us–both in doing so ourselves and others doing so to us. Also science and cloning and autonomy– all the good things you want a book that deals with the concept of clones to think about.

Thought provoking and incredibly unsettling in its twists and turns. The Echo Wife is another knockout book exploring the depths of humanity and the complexity of interpersonal relationships from Sarah Gailey. Have I mentioned I love their writing? Because I love their writing. And their storytelling. And their ability to craft an incredible, unsettling but believable narrative. Basically: The Echo Wife is a really excellent sci-fi thriller and you should read it. That’s all, folks!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Snag a copy from your local bookstore today.

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