My 5 Favorite Wanda and Vision Storylines

Surprise, surprise WandaVision‘s got me on a comics stint. As a longtime (but choosy) comics reader, I know how hard it can be to figure out where and with which storylines to start in on a character or story you’re interested in reading more about. Not to mention sorting through some of the less-than-stellar issues out there. But you can’t go wrong with the comics on this list. I’ve handpicked five of my favorite Wanda and Vision (and Quicksilver) storylines to keep you going now that WandaVisions is over.

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The Vision by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles, and Mike Del Mundo

The Visions have come to town. After creating a synthezoid family of his own, Vision along with his new wife and kids move to the suburbs. But not everyone is welcoming to the Avenger and his not-so-human family.

If you loved all the Westview shenanigans in WandaVision, this is the perfect comic for you. Not only does it play around with a synthezoid family trying to fit in with the Joneses, it’s also by far my favorite depiction of Vision in the comics. The story really dives into what makes Vision want to fit in with humanity and why that desire ultimately goes terribly wrong.

House of M by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel

The infamous House of M. Oh yes, this pivotal storyline about Wanda, the Avengers, and the end of mutants everywhere is an absolute must-read. While it doesn’t do a totally stand up job of talking about or depicting mental illness (story of Wanda Maximoff’s comicbook life), it’s still an incredible read that clearly deeply influenced the WandaVision writers.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade by Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, and Justin Ponsor

Tommy and Billy are back! If you’re wondering what the whole deal with Wanda’s kids is, well, this story is basically the answer. As with the entirety of Wanda’s storyline (and, you know, most of comic lore in general) it’s a little wonky and confusing, but suffice it to say, we probably haven’t seen the last of little Tommy and Billy… or should I say Speed and Wiccan.

The Children’s Crusade is fun for so many reasons, from time traveling shenanigans to Avengers and X-Men team-ups to some serious questions about how the superpowered powers that be choose to handle some of their own.

The Scarlet Witch by by James Robinson, Vanesa Del Ray, Vanesa R. Del Rey, Marco Rudy, Steve Dillon, Chris Visions, Javier Pulido, and others

As soon as the show started bringing up the mantle of “The Scarlet Witch” and chaos magic, I knew they were going to be drawing on this solo run from 2016. Following the events of House of M and Children’s Crusade, Wanda is trying to seek penance for all the things she’s done by helping others. Along the way, she discovers answers about her past and the source of her powers as well as troubling insight into the problems plaguing magic throughout the world.

I highly suspect we’re going to see aspects of this storyline play out in future seasons of WandaVision, considering the state Wanda is left in at the end of season one. Not to mention, the need for her to seek answers about her past and her magic as well as (possibly) training from Agatha. The first volume is a bit rocky, but stick it out because volume two and three are well worth it.

Quicksilver: No Surrender by Saladin Ahmed, Eric Nguyen, and Martin Simmonds

Including a comic about Quicksilver on this list for obvious reasons. And the thing I love most about this comic is how deep it delves into Pietro’s psyche. He’s not always the most loveable character, tending to push Wanda around (we’re talking comics here, not so much MCU), but No Surrender brings some much-needed depth and reckoning to his character. Plus, there is a turtle in this story I am deeply in love with. Seriously, the turtle is the best.

What are your favorite comics featuring the characters from WandaVision? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Rachel Brittain

Rachel is a writer for Book Riot and Her short fiction has been published in Andromeda Spaceways, Luna Station Quarterly, and others. Screaming about books is one of her favorite past times.

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