Book Releases and Reviews: March 15, 2022

We’ve reviewed two very fun March 15 book releases: a graphic novel history of Pinball and John Scalzi’s latest sci-fi adventure.

Pinball by Jon Chad


I’ve been to a pinball bar and had a great time playing a few games, but I didn’t know anything about the history of pinball. This was an engaging read with fantastic art that goes through the history and evolution of the game. It was particularly interesting to learn about the history of the games I’ve played. I also love that the end of the book is dedicated to tips and a glossary for pinball novices like me.

Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi


This book is so fun! In late 2020 Jamie gets an opportunity to take on a mysterious job and get out of New York and his job as driver for a food delivery app. It turns out that the job is on an alternative earth where Jamie and the rest of the team work to protect the massive native wildlife of this alternative world.

I love the descriptions of the alternative world and the comparisons to Kaiju and Jurassic Park. I thought the way of imaging a biology that is wildly different from our own and allows absolutely massive creatures to exist was incredibly interesting and fun to read.

Other March 15 book releases we’re looking forward to reading are Things Past Telling by Sheila Williams, When We Were Birds by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo, and Flung Out of Space by Grace Ellis and Hannah Templer