Book and Comic Pairings

Like dinner with a fine wine, these book and comic pairings compliment each other perfectly. Hi, my name is Rachel and I’ll be your literary sommelier for the evening. Too much? Okay, how about this instead: these book and comic pairings will help you find the perfect sequential art to end that book hangover from your last favorite read. No more worrying about what you’ll read next, because that hard work has already been done for you. Finding connections between stories and recommending a similar read to a beloved book is one of my favorite ways to share my love of books with people. And these stories? Trust, me you’re gonna love ‘em. 

Children of Blood and Bone + Isola

Not gonna lie, it was definitely the combination of royalty and majestic big cats that initially connected these two tales in my mind. In Children of Blood and Bone, Zélie’s lionaire is her constant companion. In Isola, the Captain of the Guard, Rook, is also accompanied by a cat she would do anything for–only in this case, it’s her queen, suffering from a cruel curse they’re traveling to the land of the dead to reverse. Adventuring parties on a long journey to save the people they love? Check. Complicated romantic entanglements? Check. Badass warrior women? Check and check.

The House in the Cerulean Sea + O Human Star

TJ Klune’s The House in the Cerulean Sea is one of the most magical and uplifting books I’ve read in the past year. Which is kind of funny considering the themes of loneliness, prejudice, otherness, and responsibility explored in the book. Maybe that combination of serious issues depicted through joyful stories is what makes both The House in the cerulean Sea and the webcomic O Human Star stand out.

Gideon the Ninth + Monstress

Creepy, crawly, many-eyed monsters. Bones, necromancers, ancient haunted houses. On the face of it a necromantic science fiction series and an epic fantasy comic might not seem like the perfect pairing, but something about these two spooky stories just feels kindred. Maybe it’s the casual queerness of both, or the fact that some not-so-nice female protagonists anti-hero their way though never ending problems. Either way, if you’re a fan of Gideon, go ahead and give Marjorie Liu’s Monstress a try, and very much vice versa. 

Upright Women Wanted + Stage Dreams

Did somebody say queer westerns? No? Just me? Whether you’re looking for a graphic novel that explores the erasure of queerness and people of color from the history of the American West, or a dystopian take on the fascist-fighting librarian wagons of the future, Stage Dreams and Upright Women Wanted have all your needs covered.

The Sol Majestic + Space Battle Lunchtime

Restaurants in outer space? More likely than you’d think! Both The Sol Majestic and Space Battle Lunchtime explore the fascinating idea of how life in outer space (as well as aliens and advanced technology) affects cooking. From alien yeasts and futuristic kitchens to cooking competitions with deadly extraterrestrial competitors, these stories give us a deep dive into the future of eating out–intergalactic style. And if these stories are anything to go by, the future of food is going to be very fun.

What do you think? Have you read any of these books and comics? Think they’re good pairs? Let us know in the comments!

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