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Book Talk 11: Reading Slumps and How to Beat Them
Everybody gets them; nobody wants them. How do we conquer the dreaded reading slump? Romance, re-reads, shaking things up? We have some thoughts, and we’d...
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Book Club 11: The Scribe
We’re tackling a romance this month with one of Sarah’s favorites, THE SCRIBE by Elizabeth Hunter. This supernatural romance has us discussing soul mates, romance...
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Book Talk 10: Our Literary OTPs
Valentine’s Day is almost here-- let’s talk about our favorite bookish couples. Who are our BrOTPs, NOTPs, and OTPs of the literary world? Listen to...
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Book Club 10: Children of Blood and Bone
We’re starting off the new year discussing the breakout fantasy hit of 2018, CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE. Let’s talk afrofuturism, influences of Avatar the...
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Book Talk 9: 2019 Bookish Resolutions
Let’s talk bookish resolutions! From Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge to personal goals, let’s figure out how to start off 2019 right.
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Book Club 9: Leia Princess Of Alderaan
We’re talking PRINCESS OF ALDERAAN in this very special Starwarsmas episode! Let’s discuss Leia’s backstory, connections to the larger Star Wars universe, and what it...
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