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Book Talk: All Books
We’ve been reading too many great books to talk about anything else this month. Get ready for an episode of all books and no substance.
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Book Talk: The Black God’s Drums
This month we’re discussing the stunning alternate history novella, THE BLACK GOD’S DRUMS, by P. Djèlí Clark. What’s up with steampunk and how does this...
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Book Talk 12: Let’s Talk About Good Omens
The apocalypse is almost upon us! ...okay not really, but the TV show adaptation of GOOD OMENS almost is, and we want to talk about...
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Book Club 12: Good Omens
Dive on in for a discussion of GOOD OMENS, the cult classic novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Let’s talk the most specific prophecies...
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Book Talk 11: Reading Slumps and How to Beat Them
Everybody gets them; nobody wants them. How do we conquer the dreaded reading slump? Romance, re-reads, shaking things up? We have some thoughts, and we’d...
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Book Club 11: The Scribe
We’re tackling a romance this month with one of Sarah’s favorites, THE SCRIBE by Elizabeth Hunter. This supernatural romance has us discussing soul mates, romance...
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